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What are the duties and responsibilities of strata committee officer bearers?

These are the duties and responsibilities of each of the strata committee officer bearers.


The chairperson’s main role is to preside over all Annual General meetings and strata committee meetings, ensuring they are conducted smoothly, fairly and in accordance with relevant legislation.

The chairperson must also make determinations as to quorums and procedural matters at these meetings.

If the chairperson is not at a meeting, another person can be nominated to chair that meeting.


The secretary oversees and organises the administrative requirements of an owners corporation. Their duties include:

  • calling annual general meetings or strata committee meetings
  • sending out the notices for meetings
  • preparing and distributing meeting minutes
  • maintaining the meeting attendance list
  • receiving voting papers
  • maintaining the strata roll
  • answering any owners corporation communications
  • enable the inspection of documents by owners or authorised bodies

The treasurer’s duties include:

  • notifying owners of their levy contributions
  • keeping accounting records
  • preparing the financial statements
  • managing money paid to the owners corporation
  • preparing the information required for any strata certificate

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