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What level of management does your property need?

If you’re a large building with busy owners or owners who have conflicting interests and opinions you’ll probably need a full service strata manager with a comprehensive suite of services.

If you’re a small building you might only be looking for some help with maintenance of books and records, as well as ensuring compliance with the legislation.

There’s no point in paying for services that you don’t require, which is why at Fresh Strata we offer all of our clients a choice of two levels of management services: Full Service or Secretarial & Accounting services.

Fresh Strata Full Service Management
Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches

Do you want a manager that takes care of the day-to-day running of your building, leaving you to just make the final decisions? ⁠

Our full service management is ideal for owners just like you, that want to rely on a dedicated professional manager to manage all aspects of your building, including:⁠

  • organise repairs, maintenance and arrange contractors⁠
  • sign off on regular invoices⁠⁠
  • pay all accounts⁠⁠
  • send levy notices⁠⁠
  • host your yearly AGM⁠⁠
  • maintain your books and records ⁠⁠
Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches
Fresh Strata’s Secretarial & Accounting Service

If you are in a smaller, more proactive building with friendly neighbours and you don’t really need a full-time Manager, Fresh Strata’s Secretarial & Accounting Service may be exactly what you need.

Fresh Strata will:

  • pay all your accounts
  • maintain your books and records
  • send levy notices
  • host your yearly AGM

You’ll continue to manage your own repairs and maintenance, arrange contractors and sign off on invoices ……. all without paying for services you don’t really need!

Not sure what level of management you need?

Commercial, retail and industrial strata, residential strata, company title, community association and even mixed use strata … The Fresh Strata team are experienced in managing all types of properties and they work very closely as a team, drawing on their combined decades of industry experience in community property management.

Whether you choose our Full Strata Service or our Secretarial & Accounting Service, we will revolutionise the way you experience community property management.⁠

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote and advice on the correct level of management you need for your property.

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