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Company title is a form of land ownership where a company is created to own the title to land. It allows buyers to purchase shares in the company, giving them exclusive use and the right to occupy their unit, as well as shared use of common property.

Management of company title properties can be far more complex than strata schemes, which is why employing the services of a management company which understands company law is essential to ensure the smooth running of your company title property.

The challenges of Company Title management
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Every company title constitution and shareholders’ licence to occupy is unique, which can make the laws around compliance in company title properties particularly difficult to navigate.

Directors and shareholdings in company title buildings need to be correctly registered in line with the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001.

Critical and accurate property and shareholder information (levy notices, annual and Board meeting minutes, insurances, rules and regulations, financial statements) need to always be accessible.

The penalties and laws associated with company mismanagement are significant and the compliance and reporting obligations can be complex.

If your company title property is incorrectly managed, the consequences can have enormous legal, as well as financial, ramifications.

Company Title Management Expertise

Our professional company managers have the specialist experience and expertise to manage all areas of company title properties and can provide all or some of the following management services.

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  • Annual General Meeting management
  • ASIC registrations
  • Board of Directors Meeting management
  • Conducting interviews for prospective shareholders and lessees
  • Correspondence management
  • Director, shareholder and lessee orientation
  • Insurance policy renewal
  • Interpretation and enforcement of the company’s “Memorandum and Articles of Association (Constitution)” and “House Rules”
  • Arrears enforcement
  • Audit preparation
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS)
  • Budget preparation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Creditor payments
  • Financial reporting
  • Levy collection and distribution
  • Asset management
  • Compliance management
  • Contractor management
  • Insurance claim management
  • Preventative maintenance management
  • Security register management
  • Site attendance

Fresh Strata are also more than happy to mediate company title disputes to improve the dispute resolution process and decrease costs. Unresolved disputes may be heard in the NSW Local Court.

Need help with converting your Company Title to Strata?
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If you’re considering changing your property from a company title to a strata scheme to add value, increase rental flexibility and to make it easier to obtain a mortgage, the Fresh Strata team can guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition and legal compliance.

We have experience in converting company title properties to strata title and we can recommend appropriate solicitors, surveyors and BCA consultants who know how to deal with the demands of the Land Registry Services during the transfer.

Expertise in Company Title Management

Strictly following the Corporations Act, at Fresh Strata we pride ourselves on delivering a range of Management Services to company title properties across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

Fresh Strata will provide your company title property with a dedicated local company manager who understands the unique challenges that company title properties face and will ensure your Company is meeting all of its compliance obligations.

As a company title shareholder, you can view real time financials with unprecedented access to all information via our Portal, where you can log in online 24 hours a day (with a private password for your shareholding) and see the latest balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, your levy history, insurance policy and more.

We also have a team of reliable and expert tradespeople who respond promptly and efficiently to work orders and are available 24/7 for after hours emergencies.

When you choose to join the Fresh Strata family, you can be assured of a timely response to all of your queries and access to a team of company management experts with over 20 years of experience in managing company title properties.

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