Strata Management for Commercial Strata

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Strata Management for Commercial Strata

Whether you own a retail premises, an office building, a storage complex, a light industrial complex, a factory or even a mixed-use strata parcel, at Fresh Strata our strata managers have the expertise and experience to ensure compliance and maximise returns for our Commercial Strata clients.

All of our strata managers are up to date with Safety Acts and the constantly changing and evolving Work Health & Safety Legislation and are highly proactive in suggesting possible solutions to minimise risks within commercial properties.

And although Commercial and Industrial Strata is regulated under the same NSW Strata Schemes Management Act as Residential Strata Schemes, there are a number of additional issues, compliance and potential risks that will need to be understood and addressed by an experienced commercial strata manager.

Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches

Thanks to the flexibility that Commercial Strata provides developers with to sell individual lots when constructing new buildings or converting existing buildings, Commercial Strata title is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Commercial Strata does, however, present some unique challenges compared to owning a freehold Commercial premises or managing a Residential Strata property and our Fresh Strata Commercial Strata managers have the experience to manage these for you.

  • The by-laws for Commercial Strata properties need to be specifically designed to cater for the differing requirements of all owners, including investors and developers.
  • Commercial strata schemes are subjected to specific and different requirements for Work Health & Safety Legislation.
  • If an individual business within a Commercial Strata building wants to erect external business signage it needs to firstly get approval from the owners’ corporation.
  • Because the exterior of a Commercial strata property is jointly owned, expansion and development opportunities are more limited and any change in use or large structural changes must be also approved by the owners’ corporation.
  • Subleasing your commercial premises to a retailer or another business must also be approved by the owners corporation and there will specific restrictions on parking.

Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches

At Fresh Strata, we understand that managing a Commercial Strata scheme can be an unnecessary and time-wasting disruption that takes you away from what you do best … running your business!

Our team of highly skilled and experienced Commercial Strata managers have strong expertise in commercial law, working effectively and proactively to take away the hassle and stress of running your Commercial Strata scheme.

In business, first impressions count and we know that the way your Commercial Strata scheme is managed can have a direct impact on your tenants, employees, customers and your overall business.

With our Commercial Strata scheme experience and honest and dedicated team of professional strata managers, we can help ensure you achieve maximum return for your commercial property investment.

Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches

Strictly following the Strata Schemes Management Act, at Fresh Strata we pride ourselves on delivering a range of Management Services to commercial strata schemes across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

Fresh Strata will provide your commercial strata scheme with a dedicated local strata manager who understands the unique challenges that commercial strata schemes face.

Furthermore, we use only reliable and expert tradespeople who respond promptly and efficiently to work orders and are available 24/7 for after hours emergencies.

As a commercial strata owner, you can view real time financials with unprecedented access to all information via our Portal. You can also log in online 24 hours a day (with a private password for your individual lot) and see the latest balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, your personal levy history, insurance policy and more.

Need more? We can customise your management so all owners can view every invoice that has been paid online.

When you choose to join the Fresh Strata family, you can be assured of a timely response to all of your queries and access to a team of strata management experts with over 20 years of experience in managing Commercial Strata schemes.

Get the quality Commercial Strata management that you deserve with the team at Fresh Strata.

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