Community Association Management

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Community Association Management

Community title associations are growing in popularity because they offer purchasers an attractive lifestyle, with a mix of apartment buildings and/or townhouses with many onsite shared facilities.

However, the size of community associations and the multi-purpose, varied and often large common property areas that attract purchasers to community association properties can often make this type of management more complex than strata properties.

At Fresh Strata our experienced community managers have both an understanding of the laws and compliance requirements that apply to community associations, to ensure that your community association is correctly managed.

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The Challenges of Community Associations

Community associations usually include a lot of infrastructure on the common property, such as swimming pools, gardens, gymnasiums, clubhouses, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, golf courses, walking trails and bike paths, with some community associations even including hospitality venues, commercial zoning, shopping centers and roads.

This mix of various types of residential property and shared infrastructure provides specific challenges that strata properties don’t experience.

For example, if you live in an apartment in a community association, all of the common property – AKA association property – is managed by the assocation. However, depending on how your community association is set up, your apartment building may be managed within a separate strata scheme and the by-laws of both schemes will be different!

Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches
The Differences Between Community Association and Strata

Although strata schemes and community associations both involve ownership of a lot and share ownership and responsibility for common areas on the property, there are some key differences between these two types of schemes.

Compared to strata schemes:

  • Individual owners in community associations are responsible for the insurance of their building.
  • community associations can have various ownership titles, including Torrens title and strata title.
  • community associations are usually governed by the terms of their unique management statement.

Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches
Servicing Community Associations

Strictly following the Community Land Management Act, at Fresh Strata we pride ourselves on delivering a range of Management Services to community associations across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

Fresh Strata will provide your community association with a dedicated community manager who understands the unique challenges that community associations face.

Our team of Northern Beaches locals understand the local government rules, restrictions and LEP and have access to a team of the most reliable and expert local tradespeople available 24/7 for after hours emergencies.

When you choose to join the Fresh Strata family, you can be assured of a timely response to all of your queries and access to a team of community management experts with over 20 years of experience in managing community associations.

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