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Can I keep a pet in strata?

Make sure to check your scheme’s by-laws before getting a pet, however, by-laws banning all pets are not valid and banning animals based on size, type, or quantity, will not be valid in most circumstances.

You are allowed to keep a pet in strata unless your pet causes ‘unreasonable interference’ – for example, it is a dangerous or restricted dog.

Different Strata Plans may have different rules when it comes to residents and owners keeping pets and you may need to tell the owners corporation or strata committee in writing if you want to have a pet.

Strata owners – your owners corporation cannot stop you getting or owning a pet, as long as it does not disturb other residents

Strata tenants – your landlord can decide whether you are allowed a pet or not.

Assistance animals – CANNOT be banned from living in a strata scheme.

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