9 Reasons to Choose Strata Living

9 Reasons to Choose Strata Living - Fresh Strata, Strata Management Northern Beaches

Strata living can be a beneficial home ownership choice for new home owners, investors and those looking to downsize.

From the lower purchase price of the property through to the tight-knit community, strata properties come with a range of benefits that you don’t get with normal property ownership.

Fresh Strata based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is committed to an approach to strata management like no other, the team at Fresh Strata are passionate about sharing the benefits of strata living in New South Wales.

What is a Strata Scheme?

According to Fair Trading NSW, a strata scheme is a building, or collection of buildings, where:

  • the property that each individual owns is called a ‘lot’ (for example, an apartment, villa or townhouse)
  • all the owners share ownership of and responsibility for the ‘common property’, such as external walls, foyers, gardens and driveways.
  1. Professional Management
    Management companies like Fresh Strata are often engaged to provide professional strata management to strata schemes. This takes much of the guesswork and worry out of managing your property.
  2. Location, Location, Location
    How does living in a prime location sound? Strata properties allow you to live in an ideal location – like close to work, the city, or the beach, with all the facilities and amenities you need and with a lower purchase price, which brings us to the next point. Strata properties are found in urban and regional areas throughout Australia.
  3. Lower Purchase Price
    Purchasing a strata property is generally cheaper than purchasing a standalone home, so it is a great first home for those looking to get into the property market.
  4. Sense of Community
    If you enjoy knowing your neighbours (and sharing a cup of sugar when required) then you will love strata living.

    Whether you live in a townhouse, unit, or apartment, strata living lends itself to knowing all of your neighbours as you work together to care for the property.

  5. Have a Say in the Building/Property
    If you want to have more of a say in how your strata building is run, you can play an active role in the Owners Corporation to share your thoughts and views of how strata fees are spent, the type of maintenance undertaken, the pet policy and other issues that affect the property owners experience in the strata scheme.
  6. Shared Costs for Maintenance
    In a strata property, owners pay strata fees each quarter towards the cost of expenses such as;

    • Cleaning & gardening
    • Repair and maintenance, including unexpected repairs
    • Upkeep and general maintenance of the building
    • Building insurance
    • Strata management fees

    This results in long-term savings for property owners, as you aren’t paying for large repair or maintenance bills on your own.

  7. Downsizing
    Strata properties, such as apartments, units and townhouses, can offer a great opportunity to downsize to a smaller modern property. Some strata properties are dedicated to those aged over 55 and offer all the benefits of safe communal facilities.
  8. Access to Facilities
    Many larger strata properties include facilities such as commercial-grade gyms, pools, saunas and communal games areas.

    Residents have access to these common facilities and pay for the upkeep through strata fees, which works out at a lower cost than having individual memberships to separate gyms, pools and recreation centres.

  9. Easy to Sell
    Living in a strata property comes with a raft of benefits, so it’s no surprise that the demand for strata properties is higher and therefore, they are easier to sell.
Choose Fresh Strata, Sydney’s Northern Beaches Strata Specialists

If you’re looking to purchase a strata property in the Northern Beaches or North Shore of Sydney, or you’re just looking for a new strata management company, choose the team at Fresh Strata.

Fresh Strata has a unique approach to strata title management. We exist to help owner’s corporations and strata committees to navigate the sometimes-confusing world of common property dilemmas, strata schemes, taking on critical roles such as property maintenance, updating important registers, organising meetings, and keeping your strata scheme in line with the law.

At Fresh Strata we are passionate about delivering excellent strata management services, with complete transparency and a core focus on managing strata properties in a friendly and efficient way.

With over 20 years in the industry as an Australian family-owned company, Fresh Strata is your go-to Northern Beaches strata management company in Sydney. Contact us today.

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