Residential Strata

The Experts in Residential Services

Fresh Strata understands the needs and wants of their clients. Given this, we assign you a strata manager that prioritises and actions your needs, whilst providing an honest and timely response at all times. Feeling supported and listened to is our number one priority in our deliverance of excellent service.


The Fresh Strata Difference

Fresh Strata lives by the motto ‘get on with the task at hand and get the job done’. Each and every one of our strata managers offers a wide variety of skills and experience, and we all unite under the premise of being proactive and trustworthy. We operate as a team, so should we not have an answer immediately, we can utilise each other’s knowledge and expertise and get back to you with a comprehensive response.

Each manager and assistant are Northern Beaches locals, providing you with even greater support and service to your building using unrivalled local knowledge. Offering you a comprehensive database of local tradespeople is just a fragment of our service, as we understand the needs and lifestyles of our residents.

Welcome to the Family

As a residential strata owner, the level of service you receive from Fresh Strata is unsurpassed and allows you to be welcomed into the Fresh Strata family. You can expect email responses, real time financials and unprecedented access to all the information via our Portal.

You are able to log in online 24/7 (with a private password for your individual lot) and see the latest balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, your personal levy history, insurance policy and more. Need more? We can customise your management so all owners can view every invoice that has been paid online.

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Residential Strata Management, the Fresh Strata Way

Strictly following the Strata Schemes Management Act, we pride ourselves on delivering full service, semi-service and secretarial and accounting options to small duplexes ranging up to large residential strata schemes. Fresh Strata closely manages properties across the Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, maintaining our promise of being highly knowledgeable and invested in local lifestyles.

Offering unrivalled local knowledge, we assist owners in maintaining, developing and renovating their properties suited towards the local lifestyle. Our highly skilled team can be trusted to guide you through the maze of development applications, engineers, architects, project managers and builders.

Quality Management You Deserve

Want or need more? Clients mostly experience a capital works fund which can easily be resolved with our managers. Alongside this, we are able to set up and manage your asset register, allowing us to maintain a comprehensive list with the quality management you deserve, once quotes or works are complete.

All meetings from private to Annual General Meetings can be held at our offices during and after hours for your convenience. We encourage our Fresh Strata family to come in before the meeting, enjoy a cup of tea and get to know owners alike. As the Chinese Proverb states, “a good neighbour is a priceless treasure”.


Fresh Strata seeks to revolutionise the way you experience residential strata management.
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