Company Title

Law Abiding & Efficient Service

Management of Company Title properties is a complex field, a field in which you need specialised  assistance in Company Law to guarantee the smooth running of your property. Our Director Brian Dunphy, with his LLB and high level of expertise, understands the Corporations Act 2001 and the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). Brian works closely with shareholders to ensure your property is running efficiently and corresponds with current legislation.


The Fresh Strata Difference

As a shareholder, the level of service you receive from us ensures that you are welcomed into the Fresh Strata family and receive the service you want and deserve. You can say goodbye to incorrect directors and secretaries being listed with ASIC and management not following the Act correctly. The daily management of Company Title is undertaken by the Fresh Strata team, with supervision and share certificates provided by our director, Brian.

Customised Management

You can expect email responses, real time financials and unprecedented access to all the information via our Portal. You can log in online 24/7 (with a private password for your individual lot) and see the latest balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, your personal levy history, insurance policy and more.

Require more? We can customise your management so all owners can view every invoice that has been paid online.


Company Title, the Fresh Strata Way

Each shareholder can be assured they are dealing with the most trustworthy and skilled in the business. With a number of managers and assistants in tow, Fresh Strata offers a comprehensive service to make your life that much simpler.


Dreaming of one day becoming a strata scheme? Fresh Strata can assist in the smooth transition when changing from a Company Title property to a strata scheme. We can recommend appropriate solicitors, surveyors and BCA consultants who know how to deal with the demands of the Land Registry Services during the transfer.

Full-Service Management

To improve the dispute resolution process and decrease costs, Fresh Strata are more than happy to handle Company Title disputes. These are now heard in the NSW Local Court.

All meetings from private to Annual General Meetings can be held at our offices and after hours for your convenience. We encourage our Fresh Strata family to come in before your meeting, enjoy a cup of tea and get to know owners alike.


Fresh Strata seeks to revolutionise the way you experience Company Title management.
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