Commercial Strata

Your Team of Dedicated Managers

Commercial or industrial strata management is regulated under the same Strata Schemes Management Act as residential strata schemes. Yet, there are a number of additional issues, compliance and potential risks that must be frequently considered.

Our strata managers are up to date with Safety Acts and are highly proactive in suggesting possible solutions to minimise risks within commercial properties. This reflects a fragment of Fresh Strata’s core focus to abide by the constantly changing and evolving Work Health & Safety Legislation.


The Fresh Strata Difference

For commercial strata clients, you are introduced to our highly skilled commercial strata managers. Our managers have strong expertise in commercial law, delivering only the finest variety of skills catered to each and every need. We operate as a team, so should we not have an answer immediately, we can utilise each team member’s knowledge and expertise and return to you with a response. Each manager boasts a diverse portfolio, offering an assistant to help deliver unwavering support and service to your property.

Welcome to the Family

As a commercial strata owner, the level of service you receive from Fresh Strata ensures that you are treated as Fresh Strata family. You can expect email responses, real time financials and unprecedented access to all information via our Portal.

You can log in online 24 hours a day (with a private password for your individual lot) and see the latest balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, your personal levy history, insurance policy and more. Need more? We can customise your management so all owners can view every invoice that has been paid online.


Commercial Strata Management, the Fresh Strata Way

Strictly following the Strata Schemes Management Act  we pride ourselves on delivering full service, semi-service and secretarial and accounting options ranging from small duplexes  up to large commercial strata schemes. Many clients ask why we limit our locations? The answer is for the simple value of having the support of Northern Beaches, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs locals. Fresh Strata’s main focus is to provide your strata scheme with a local knowledgeable strata manager who understands the local government rules, restrictions and LEP. Furthermore, we use only the best local tradespeople who can respond promptly and efficiently to work orders.

Quality Management You Deserve

Nestled in our core focus to offer valuable service to each and every Fresh Strata member, we assist owners maintain, develop and renovate their properties suited towards the local lifestyle. Our highly skilled team can be trusted to guide you through the maze of development applications, engineers, architects, project managers and builders.

As a commercial strata owner, we understand that you have a business you need to run and you need to feel secure and trusting in your management. Fresh Strata aims to make your process in choosing a suitable manager a whole lot simpler with our honest, dedicated team of professionals.


Fresh Strata seeks to revolutionise the way you experience commercial strata management.
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